Waterschap Noorderzijlvest

Waterschap Noorderzijlvest (Waterboard Noorderzijlvest) is a local government organisation with a board. They take care of safe and sustainable water management in their region.

General information:

  • Waterboard Noorderzijlvest is responsible for water safety, sufficient amounts of water and clean surface water.

  • The waterboard maintains Dutch quays and dykes. They ensure that they are strong enough and that The Netherlands don’t flood.

  • With buckings Waterboard Noorderzijlvest pumps water in and out of an area. In this way they fight drought or high water levels.

  • Waterboard Noorderzijlvest cleans the water that citizens and companies used. The clean water they pump back into nature.


Website: https://www.noorderzijlvest.nl/