Building with Nature

What’s your nourishment doing?

18 October 2017 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
That’s the question once discussed by several coastal morphologists along the North Sea region. This question, which is part of the basic understanding when dealing with climate resilience, is included in Work package 3 of the Interreg VB Building with Nature project.

A nourishment executed in another region, having different designs and nature conditions, makes it difficult to compare results. Therefore all project partners are working towards a shared understanding of nourishments. To do so, a thorough understanding is needed of each other’s approach and data availability. The first steps in this understanding are now completed and published on the Building with Nature website. The deliverables show how all project partners deal with coastal flood risk management at the moment. In addition, the work plan document reveals the next steps to be taken and goals to be achieved at the end of the project. See the output library for the work plan of work package 3, the factsheet data and the factsheet current practices.