Become a better writer by using spoken language

05 March 2019 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
Do you feel that you have to do something special when you have to write an article about your project? That you forcefully search for extensive descriptions and difficult words? One thing you might forget is that your audience likes to hear concrete words and stories, as we use them in spoken language.

Written language is no different than spoken language. On paper you do not have to do something special to impress your reader, you do not have to pack concrete stories in complex sentences and difficult words.

We are all storytellers, we as humans have been that for hundreds of thousands of years. And we still use that skill every day at work and when making social contacts. This ancient talent can also be used in writing.

So pay attention with which anecdotes about your work or hobby you make an impression on birthdays or during a chat with your neighbour at the campsite. It might well be that these stories can make your texts more powerful.