Building with Nature

Summer Course - Nature Based Solutions in Water Management

01 June 2018 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
Get introduced to the basic design and operation principles of Nature Based Solutions and apply these principles in a concrete context. From July 31 to August 3 advanced students and professionals in the water and related sectors are invited to join the Summer Course Nature Based Solutions in Water Management. The course will take place at Unesco IHE in Delft, the Netherlands. The deadline for application is June 30.

In this summer course, the concept of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) with its basic design and operation principles will be introduced. The application of these principles will be demonstrated for the different fields of water management. Moreover, real-life case studies of NBS will be presented during the course. This summer course will also give students an opportunity to implement the knowledge directly by working in teams on a design of an application in a concrete context. In this “learning by design” exercise, the students will be challenged to apply the NBS principles using a real-life case study from their home country. Furthermore, they should present and discuss their design and underlying motivation and application of these principles.

The development of this course has been supported by the EU through the Building with Nature project. Coordinator of the Summer Course, Prof. Chris Zevenbergen represents Unesco IHE in the project. Unesco IHE is one of the partners in the Building with Nature project.

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