Spreading the message of Building with Nature

It is important to keep the public interested and informed about the progress within the Building with Nature project. Therefore, 15 online articles will be published, keeping the public up to date. Several topics will be covered in a comprehensive way telling a story about Building with Nature, so readers understand what Building with Nature is all about.

The Building with Nature project is now well over its midterm, and has gathered a lot of valuable information so far. The pilot projects play a key role, generating the evidence-base for incorporating building with nature solutions. Together we are learning and sharing information that inspires the use of building with nature solutions now and in the future.

Communication enhances the spreading of this information. To enforce this even further, 15 online articles will be written between now and the end of the project about Building with Nature and the opportunities that building with nature solutions offer. The articles will be published, among other places, on the project web space and circulated via the online newsletter. More information will follow.