Policy briefs available: a final summary of findings and recommendations

19 May 2020 - Published by Eric Boessenkool

As the Building with Nature project is drawing to an end, we are happy to share the gathered information, findings and conclusions with you. In the past four years, countries amongst the North Sea Region worked with living laboratories to test Building with Nature solutions. They studied the results and available scientific sources and cooperated together on creating a variety of applicable solutions in battling the effects of climate change. These findings are reported and summarized in the EU Policy Brief of the Interreg VB North Sea Region Project Building with Nature as well as the country-specific policy briefs.

Flooding is a direct result of increased climate change, which has disastrous effects worldwide. This forces us to consider in which ways we should deal with flood safety, now and in the future. ‘Building with Nature’ is an important answer to address this challenge and has been embraced by both the EU and the UN. Where traditional techniques (e.g. levees, barriers and dams) are not available everywhere and don't always prove to be a sustainable solution, 'Building with Nature' offers sustainable solutions by not battling against nature, but rather by giving it space. The results of the Interreg VB North Sea Region Project Building with Nature are successful and show that the forces of nature can be used advantageously in the prevention from flooding. Yet, we see that more is needed to get the concept implemented structurally.

The Policy Learning Group of the Interreg VBNorth Sea Region project Building with Nature has identified challenges in implementing these solutions, as well as recommendations to overcome these challenges and implement structural solutions. We are convinced that further dissemination of the Building with Nature concept contributes to our potential in climate adaptation.

With the project nearing its end, it is time to make it happen and make our environment sustainable and future proof. If you are interested to learn more about the challenges as well as our findings in implementing Building with Nature solutions, please dive into our policy briefs for a brief explanation. In addition to the EU Policy Brief, the Policy Learning Group delivered National Policy Briefs for catchment and coastal areas. These policy briefs are focused on national circumstances and add to, and underpin, the EU Policy Brief. You can find these National Briefs in the output library.