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Inauguration of Kleine Nete re-change in Geel (BE)

01 October 2019 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
On October 8 the inauguration of the re-change of the Kleine Nete river took place. The Flemish Environment Agency recently completed the remodeling of the Kleine Nete on the N19g express road in Geel (BE). The Kleine Nete is one of the living laboratories in the Building with Nature project.

The focus was on connecting historical meanders to the Kleine Nete and the creation of water storage zones. These ensure the structural recovery of the watercourse and a more climate-robust valley. This was also necessary as a compensatory measure for the construction of the new express road N19g.

In the presence of the Antwerp governor and the mayors of Geel and Kasterlee the Flemish Environment Agency presented the global river recovery program of the Kleine Nete, which runs from Grobbendonk to Retie. In addition, they illustrated how the principles of natural engineering and environmental engineering can be applied to the Kleine Nete. The explanations were followed by a unique look at the re-change, which largely took place on private property and could therefore only be admired in exceptional circumstances. In the evening there was also a walk for the local people involved, which was greatly appreciated.

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