Building with Nature

IHE Delft strengthens water management skills through summer courses

09 August 2018 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
Nature Based Solutions (NbS) is an emerging concept that covers a range of approaches and technologies that use natural processes to address societal challenges. Nature Based Solutions in Water Management was one of the 9 summer courses IHE Delft organized for junior and mid-career professionals with different academic or professional backgrounds.

How to build a communication bridge between experts and learners, is a critical issue for the Building with Nature project. Through the Nature based Solutions summer course, this challenge could be practiced and participants' feedback provided valuable input. In addition, feedback from the summer course can help the Building with Nature project to develop a stronger link between knowledge supply and demand.

IHE Delft
IHE Delft is responsible for leading the “Upscaling: Practice, Policy and Capacity Building” activity in the Building with Nature project. This part of the project is oriented to support practitioners and policy makers through an evidence base that will help to define, design, calculate benefits and effectiveness of BwN measures.


Erik van Eekelen Program Manager at EcoShape, who is partner in the Building with Nature project, provided a presentation on Building with Nature in practice during the summer course.

“With this course capacity in Building with Nature is being built, by educating a new generation of engineers in the principles and provide them with practical experience. In this way new generation gets enthusiastic about Building with Nature and its principle and is keen to resolve the struggle to get the concept applied. I am certain that my presentation and the discussions that we had assisted the students with that.” - Erik van Eekelen

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