Building with Nature

Flood safety as leverage for urban development

26 October 2020 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
The challenges surrounding climate adaptation affect us all: from spatial development to flood safety and from accessibility to ecosystem restoration. But how do you tackle those challenges in an integrated way? This question is central to the Interreg NSR project C5a (Cluster for Cloud to Coast Climate Change adaptation). Knowledge from the Building with Nature project is also applied in this.

Six European countries are working together on an integrated approach to adapting to climate change. The method is being developed in a number of case studies. In the Dordrecht case study, ‘De Staart’, Rijkswaterstaat works together with the municipality, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and regional partners to test the approach. Experts from these organisations participated in a workshop series to develop a future vision for ‘De Staart’ together.

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