Building with Nature


Monitoring crucial for meaningful assessment of BwN innovations

12 April 2019

How can you be sure that an innovative Building with Nature (BwN) measure for levee protection or flood risk reduction is a success? What does it take to convince stakeholders to support such measures…

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New video: Building with Nature for coastal protection

04 April 2019

A Building with Nature solution for coastal erosion is to nourish the affected coast line with sand. The Building with Nature project just released a short video which shows how this forms and preserv…

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Preferential design chosen for river restoration Kleine Nete (BE)

29 March 2019

Flanders Environment Agency has set up a river restoration program for the Kleine Nete, due to the canalized state of this river. Goals are to create more water storage capacity, give an ecological ad…

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Watch the video on the Eddleston Water Project

25 February 2019

The Eddleston Water Project is one of BwN’s 'living laboratories', helping scientists and policymakers get the evidence they need to make the best decisions for flood risk management. A video is now …

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Nourishment ensures coastal protection of Langeoog (DE)

27 December 2018

Nourishments are an efficient and working method for ensuring coastal protection on the island of Langeoog. The performance of the nourishment is established and approved for this area. This is the ou…

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New analysis on nourishment performance in Denmark

21 December 2018

One of the benefits of nourishments as a means of coastal protection is the fact that they blend into the natural environment. In turn, this means that the effects are difficult to untangle from the n…

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Map service available for regional planning in Scania (SE)

17 December 2018

The County Administrative Board of Scania, Sweden has compiled geographical information related to water and climate in a map service. The map service is developed as part of the Building with Nature …

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Shoreface migration Dutch coast decreases after nourishments

14 December 2018

The MsC thesis by David Barmentloo shows that shoreface migration along the Dutch coast is decreasing or stagnating after nourishments. However, no consistent influence of sand nourishment on barmigra…

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Evaluating Nature Based Solutions

07 December 2018

The Building with Nature project recently published a report on the importance of evaluating Nature Based Solutions (NBS). A qualitative evaluation framework can ensure that essential elements are inc…

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The Eddleston Water project in the spotlight

23 November 2018

The Eddleston Water Project featured in the e-magazine "Think Like a Mountain", issued by Scotland The Bigger Picture. This project is one of the pilots in the Building with Nature project. Scotland T…

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