Building with Nature


Building with Nature continues

10 July 2020

Initially, the online event we organised with the projects of FAIR and C5a was intended as an end event for Building with Nature. It became a not-yet-the-end-event after all and Building with Nature c…

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Learning by doing

29 June 2020

In the Netherlands, large-scale research is accelerating the pace of understanding the interplay of water, waves and wind on the country’s sandy coastline. There is a strong sense of urgency to acquir…

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Collaborate to make the North Sea Region more adaptive to climate change

15 June 2020

The conference 'Be Adaptive to become resilient’ lived up to its title in many ways. Not only because of the content of the conference, but also in the way the conference was held. Due to Corona measu…

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New BwN platform is now live!

26 May 2020

If you are involved in or interested in the Building with Nature project and its solutions or if you are a regular visitor of this website, you know we have gathered a lot of insights, results and so…

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Policy briefs available: a final summary of findings and recommendations

19 May 2020

As the Building with Nature project is drawing to an end, we are happy to share the gathered information, findings and conclusions with you. In the past four years, countries amongst the North Sea R…

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“Going with the flow” for adaptable coastal protection

22 April 2020

The coast is a place for sport, recreation, nature, and economic activity. But nature always goes its own way, and the shoreline has not always been where you see it today. Shorelines can retreat grea…

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Twin Dyke – Building with Nature for multiple benefits

25 March 2020

The obvious solution to a sea defence problem is usually the easiest one to accept, because it’s indeed so obvious. If a sea dyke is not strong enough for the consequences of future climate change, th…

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Readers tip: a collaborative approach to climate resilience

24 March 2020

On February 27 the Interreg Atlantic Area project Triple C organised a networking workshop on 'Nature and Health Promotion to Face Climate Change'. There, Egon Baldal, leader of Interreg NSR projects …

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The power of cooperation for a greener Europe

09 March 2020

Cooperation is the foundation of the Building with Nature project. Whether it is collaborating with partners or with nature, we believe cooperation is a key factor in conquering challenges that come w…

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