Building with Nature


Ecoshape presents Integrated System based asset management: report

10 May 2021

Nature Based Solutions have proved their worth in the past decade. Their use and even necessity is acknowledged by the UN (Climate adaptation Summit January 25-26 2021), the EU (European Environment A…

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Future brief: the solution is in nature

12 March 2021

The European Commission's Science for Environment Policy published a new Future Brief on Nature Based Solutions (NbS). Nature-based Solutions work with nature to benefit both natural ecosystems and th…

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Demonstrating the value of Building with Nature in practice

03 March 2021

Research findings just revealed by one of the EU North Sea Region Building with Nature partners in Scotland are revealing the true value of taking a sustainable approach to reducing flood risk - throu…

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Taking Building with Nature from science to implementation

04 December 2020

Over many years, the Building with Nature (BwN) project has built up a major collection of data, research results and publications on the use of Nature Based Solutions for climate resilience. In some …

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Attend Transnational Exchange Lab

11 November 2020

Take the opportunity and participate in the online Transnational Exchange Lab on November 24, 2020. The event is hosted by the NSR-project IMMERSE and the main theme is sediment management in estuarie…

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New reports available

10 November 2020

INTERREG project Building with Nature is already running for four years. Countries amongst the North Sea Region worked with living laboratories to test Building with Nature solutions. They studied the…

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The road to successful Building with Nature projects

05 November 2020

When does Building with Nature (BwN) become the first choice for climate adaptation measures? What are the obstacles to choosing Nature Based Solutions (NBS), as opposed to traditional engineered infr…

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Flood safety as leverage for urban development

26 October 2020

The challenges surrounding climate adaptation affect us all: from spatial development to flood safety and from accessibility to ecosystem restoration. But how do you tackle those challenges in an inte…

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Policy evolution – Building with Nature goes mainstream

09 October 2020

For those with an active role in the Interreg NSR Building with Nature project, it may seem obvious: nature based solutions (NBS) of all kinds have already proven to be highly cost-effective and susta…

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Finding common ground with farmers

27 August 2020

It’s one thing to design a Nature Based Solution (NBS), but actually implementing the solution usually calls for an exceptional level of cooperation and understanding across a range of stakeholders – …

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