Dutch North Sea coast shoreface nourishment; part of the regular coastal maintenance program

The Dutch North Sea coast consist mainly of sand. Rijkswaterstaat maintains the coastline (± 350 km) and regularly nourishes erosional hotspots by applying beach, shoreface and coastal foundation nourishments.

Rijkswaterstaat included three regularly maintained locations - Bergen-Egmond, Zandvoort and Domburg - in the Building with Nature project as coastal living laboratories. The goal is to understand the behaviour of shoreface and beach nourishments with respect to the sandy coastal management strategy and coastal characteristics present at these locations. A comparison with foreign study sites (living laboratories) along the North Sea region will help to reveal decisive elements in the behaviour of the Dutch nourishments by means of exchanging data, setting up a shared transnational analysis method and performing a co-analysis of all living laboratories.

 Dutch North Sea coast shoreface nourishment

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