Danish North Sea coast

Along the Danish coast, between Lodbjerg and Nymindegrab, the Danish Coastal Authority is seeking to optimize the sandy coastal strategy concerning beach and shoreface nourishments.

The Danish Coastal Authority has two living laboratories located at the West coast of Jutland, Krogen and Skodbjerge. The aim is to optimize the safety against flooding and erosion using the Building with Nature approach.

The findings in the laboratories will be upscaled to rest of Denmark providing guidelines. The research will focus on the impact of shoreface nourishment and beach nourishment. A model for predicting dune erosion under storm will be tested. Focus will also be on how wind-driven (aeolian) sand transport from the beach to the back of the dunes can increase safety.

Shoreface nourishment effects, An analysis of the 2011 nourishment performed at Skodbjerge 

Danish North Sea Coast

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