Coastal genesis 2.0; Measure and analyse the Ameland tidel inlet

Rijkswaterstaat is performing a large measurement campaign at the outer delta’s of Ameland, Terschelling and Noordwijk as well as the Amelander tidal inlet to update the sandy coastal policy strategy from 2020 onwards.

In coastal genesis 2.0 Rijkswaterstaat established a research program that partly concerns the sediment management for tidal inlets of the Waddensea. The goal is to quantify in more detail the sediment transport trough tidal inlets. Within the Building with Nature project, the aim is to compare the Amelander tidal inlet to other inlets of the Waddensea to come up with an overall sediment balance of the Waddensea in the end.

Coastal genesis 2.0 (Ameland tidel inlet, Netherlands)

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