Use Cases

Under this heading you can find information on 8 different use cases that our BLING partners are working on.

undefinedBlockchainLab Drenthe - Self Sovereign Attendance

undefinedUniversity of Edinburgh - Location Data through Smart Contracts 

undefinedCity of Antwerp/ Digipolis - Smart Procurement

undefinedCJIB - Financial Emergency Brake

undefinedUniversity of Oldenburg - Health Certificates

undefinedRoeselare & Howest - Healthy on the Blockchain

undefinedUniversity of Aalborg - Document Handling in Maritime Logistics

undefinedUniversity of Gothenburg - Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tool

 For more information check out The Blockchain Book. This book is a collection of key learning from all the BLING use-cases focused on blockchain implementation in local and regional governments.