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The BLING project has ended: read here all about its results and legacy

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Overview of all newsletters

Newsletter no. 31 

  • Recap of BLING's final conference Blockchain Works - The Blockchain Book - New BLING website - A Final Note.

Newsletter no. 30 

  • Join the BLING final conference Blockchain Works - Check out the program with keynotes by Jurgen Goossens, Victor van der Hulst, Pierre Marro - Presentation of 9 BLING  use-cases. 

Newsletter no. 29

  • Sign up for the final BLING conference: BLOCKCHAIN WORKS - Lessons from Blockchain in Government -The expert session in Drenthe - Roeselare's leisure pass - The publication by Aalborg University: Blockchain in the maritime sector - News from Howest.  County Administrative Board of Skåne's paper: Can democracy become digital - Meetup by Blockchain Lab Drenthe - Emmie Osselaere of the City of Ghent answered 3 blockchain questions.

Newsletter no. 28

  • Adri Wischmann presented BLING projects at the Blockstart & Beyond final conference - read up on the County Administrative Board of Skåne's research on Intellectual property rights and electronic voting based on blockchain - Listen to the Energieknip podcast - 3 Blockchain questions Tineke Smegen of the Province of Drenthe - save the date for the final BLING conference.

Newsletter no. 27

  • Save the date for the final BLING conference in Groningen - read up on how Adri Wischmann presented the EnergyWallet at the Smart Cities conference in Barcelona - how 6 municipalities in the Netherlands are distributing €5 million among its citizens with a low income - what blockchain has to do with pigs, - the teaser of the Howest hackathon in Brugge - Jasmien Wellens from the city of Roeselare answered 3 blockchain questions.

Newsletter no. 26

  • Read up on our last event in Edinburgh - Blockchain: Exploring the art of the possible. Learn about the Parkstad Energieknip, the research done by Sergey Tsiulin on how technology can help maritime ports to reduce emissions, and the SSI & Blockchain session in Ghent - 3 Blockchain questions with Josef Gustafsson from the Administrative Board of Skåne.

Newsletter no. 25

  • Our next event in Edinburgh on the 5th of October for Blockchain: Exploring the art of the possible - Learn more on how the EnergyWallet is inspiring other municipalities and sharing knowledge at Fiware Summit - 3 blockchain questions with Livia Norström from University of Gothenburg.

Newsletter no. 24

  • Deep dives and workshops: Roeselare explores opportunities to implement blockchain in their organization - The University of Oldenburg's Health app - 3 blockchain questions Niels Annema of the province of Drenthe three blockchain-questions - research project by Copenhagen Business School: The Blockchain Technology's Applicability.

Newsletter no. 23

  • NFT hackathon at HOWEST - presentations BLING TOKEN conference - blockchain lunch talks in Ghent - 3 blockchain questions to Nele Declercq - Self Sovereign Attendancy app presented at Interreg North Sea Region conference - Blockchainlab Drenthe part of Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Newsletter no. 22

  • Conference 26th April: Making blockchain happen in the public sector - program & speakers - BLING Partner meeting in Flanders - City of Ghent & Energy Loan - 3 blockchain questions to Jelena Zec - Follow-up Energywallet Emmen 

Newsletter no. 21

  • Conference 26th April: Making blockchain happen in the public sector - Blockchain hackathon on water capitalism on April 23rd - blockchain maturity in Roeselare - 3 blockchain questions to Renske Stumpel

Newsletter no. 20

  • Biggest Dutch blockchain project live in Emmen - international media attention for Energy Wallet - 3 questions to Wim van Renterghem - save the date BLING & TOKEN webinar 26 April - follow the BLING project

Newsletter no. 19

  • BLINGathon great success - aftermovie BLINGathon - pitch video's BLINGathon - 3 questions to Kimberley Van Luchem - visit from Uzbekistan - christmas greetings

Newsletter no. 18

  • Livestream Blockchain hackathon - 3 blockchain questions to Shane Deconinck - Skåne and Copenhagen Business School join forces - BLINGathon behind the scenes - interesting events - Happy autumn.

Newsletter no. 17

  • BLINGathon registration open - interview Bart Rousseau and Timo Wyffels - BLING partnermeeting - interesting paper health certificate - 3 blockchain questions to Jörgen Dehlin

Newsletter no. 16

  • BLING project extension - interview Dr Hannah Rudman - succesful launch webinar - 3 blockchain questions to Keith Fisken - international hackathon: BLINGathon - infographic (crypto)scams

Newsletter no. 15

  • Webinar: 60 minutes of blockchain - blockchain minor for Dutch students - feedback on Healthy on the Blockchain pilot - 3 blockchain questions to Gert-Jan Ridder - Publication: last-mile delivery - International blockchain hackathon

Newsletter no.14

  • Report: BLING Mid Term Conference - Launch: Healthy on the Blockchain pilot - 3 blockchain questions to Sergey Tsiulin - BLING magazine

Newsletter no.13

  • BLING Mid Term Conference - Healthy on the Blockchain pilot - Attendancy pilot - Presentation Flemish Chamber of Commerce - Webinar Uncertain Promise of Blockchain

Newsletter no.12

  • Interview Juho Lindman & Livia Norström - 3 blockchain questions to Ali Amin Rezaei - Reflection on Steering Committee meeting - OECD Working Paper

Newsletter no.11

  • Blockchainquestions to Adri Wischmann - Webinar obstacles and opportunities for democracy - OECD policy forum - Steering Committee Meeting - Odyssey hackathon

Newsletter no.10

  • Publications on blockchain - Presentation Infrachain Challenge - OECD policy forum - Seminar Skåne - Paper: exploring blockchain municipal use cases

Newsletter no.9

  • Interview Peter Verkoulen - Webinar Token - Interesting read - Interview Tom Kettels

Newsletter no.8

  • Interview Henry Rõigas - Online Steering Committee meeting - Blockchainlab Drenthe going digital - Odyssey Hackathon - Self Sovereign Attendancy

Newsletter no.7

  • Interview Nena Dokuzov - Collider event Edinburgh - Meeting Dutch partners BLING

Newsletter no.6

  • Interview Daniël du Seuil - Blockchain challenges in Europe and Flanders - Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tool - Academic meeting in Bruges - Berlin: Blockchain = Collaboration event

Newsletter no.5

  • Interview Stadjerspas - Blockchain challenges in Europe and Flanders - Blockchainlab Drenthe - the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure - Blockchain conference Convergence

Newsletter no.4

  • Interview David Suomalainen - Steering Committee Oldenburg - The Global Blockchain Congress Convergence - BLING Let's Gro

Newsletter no.3

  • Self-sovereign identity in Belgium - Blockchainlab Howest - Blockchainlab Drenthe

Newsletter no.2

  • Conference Gothenburg - Local stakeholder group in Skåne, Sweden

Newsletter no.1

  • Conference Gothenburg - Financial Emergency Brake - Kick-off video