The jury for the BLINGathon and keynote speaker Victoria Gago

11 November 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
In the weekend of 13 & 14 November the BLINGathon event takes place. A big event where 34 teams and over 140 participants will pick their brains during the 30 hours hackathon to come up with the best solution for 4 challenges. These are on energy, transport, e-voting and on secure delivery of electronic documents. A jury of 4 will asses the best solutions found. It will be a online event with a live You Tube channel!

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You can follow the hackathon via this link.

These are the 4 jury members 

Nena Dukozov - Slovenian Government

Nena Dokuzov works for the Slovenian government and is involved in several international blockchainprojectsShe heads the ‘New Economy and Blockchain’ project group which was established by the Slovenian Ministry of Economic & Technical development. She is furthermore a member of the ‘Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Body’ (BEPAB), which was set up by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), on their Blockchain Expert Advisory Body. So Nena is perfectly suited for our Blingathon jury! 


Peter Verkoulen – from the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Peter Verkoulen is the coalition manager of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition since September 2019. This Dutch association seeks to promote the use of blockchain in The Netherlands. Peter finds blockchain very relevant since it promises to provide real added value to our society in a tech-savvy way. Besides the ideology, the blockchain technology is interesting: it is able to efficiently share sensitive data in a safe, privacy-preserving and decentralized way. This creates many possibilities for great new use cases. This makes Peter a great jury member!


Mr Panizo - innovation project manager

Jose Manuel Panizo Plaza has the Innovation Project Manager position at FNMT-RCM and is currently doing a NEPT in DG Connect from the European Commission. In his spare time, he enjoys being the co-convenor of the European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework. He has comprehensive experience in digital identity, and he is a supporter of users' rights on the Internet and data protection.


Adnan Imeri – blockchain expert

Adnan Imeri holds the position of Technical Lead at Infrachain. He holds PhD in Computer Science from the University of Paris-Saclay (UEVE) and the University of Luxembourg, focusing on blockchain technology and its applicability in real-world use cases.  His current research interest is mainly associated with blockchain technology, the implementation of blockchain-based use cases, the integration of blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), and many other related research use cases. He has extensive experience in research activities at the European and national levels, and also he is an experienced software engineer. So he is the perfect jury member! 

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Keynote speaker Victoria Gago 

Victoria is the co-Founder of the European Blockchain Convention and she is the driver behind the Tech School Distributed Ledger Technology Talents Program. She is very well know in the blockchain world and an influential women in the blockchain world! Victoria will hold our keynote during the second day of the hackathon at 14.00 hours. Be there and hear her fascinating views on the future of blockchain! 

The next event Victoria is organizing is the virtual European Blockchain Convention on 13-16 December this year. Extra prices for the winning teams in the BLINGathon are free tickets to this spectacular event! Check it out:



Follow the BLINGathon

You can follow the hackathon via this link.