Successful Launch of the 60 Minutes of Blockchain Webinar Series

17 June 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
On June 16th, European Master students from the BLING network gave a peak into their current research on blockchain. The event launched the 60 Minutes of Blockchain series BLING will introduce after the summer.

On the 16th of June around 30 blockchain enthusiasts came together and moderator Marjolein Wiersma started the webinar (see presentation here). After a short introduction of the BLING project and a short outlook on the 60 minutes of Blockchain webinar series, she guided all participants into either one of the Breakout-Sessions. Breakout room 1 focused on blockchain implementation and effects in municipal environments, while Breakout room 2 presented different in-depth findings from blockchain use cases.

Breakout Room Presentations

After the Breakout Sessions, Marjolein invited everyone back into a discussion round, challenging us with two interesting questions: “How to realize a successful blockchain project in the public sector?” AND “What future studies should be done in this area?”. Overall, all participants were very enthusiastic about the webinar and BLING is looking forward to see how the next generation will shape the blockchain world.

60 Minutes of Blockchain Webinar Series

The 60 Minutes of Blockchain is a 6-part series, planned to start after the summer break. The six themes will focus on Digital Identity, Transport, Health, Community Building, the Blockchain Ecosystem and Energy. These themes are following the in depth blockchain use cases also researched in the BLING project. During this 60 minute webinars, we will dive into the background of the theme with the help of an expert from the field. Also real theme-related use cases will be presented, followed by an open discussion between blockchain experts, use-case experts and the audience. The whole webinar series will be moderated by Digital Event Manager Marjolein Wiersma. Follow our Twitter and LinkedIn for more information on this webinar series.