SSI & Blockchain Breakfast in Ghent

01 November 2022 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
On the 30th of September, the City of Ghent organized a breakfast session about Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). The breakfast session was organized on the one hand for the employees of the City of Ghent and on the other hand the stakeholders involved in the BLING project. The aim of this information session was to create more support within the municipality and to spread knowledge about new technologies and what possibilities these technologies can offer, specifically for the energy transition.

The session started with an introduction to blockchain, SSI and EBSI by HOWEST and how these technologies can accelerate the development of cross-border services, for governments and their ecosystems, to verify information and make services more reliable. Moreover, Elia the transmission system operator of the Belgian high-voltage grid presented their white paper 'Towards a Consumer-Centric and Sustainable Electricy System' from 2021. The starting point of the paper is to focus on the consumer (Consumer-Centric), by giving the opportunity to participate much more actively in the electricity market. To make this possible, thorough adjustments and expansions are needed in the current labor market. Elia explained their ambitions and how they want to organize their business by means of Self Sovereign Identity.

The next presentation was by Fluvius the Belgian network operator for electricity and natural gas in all municipalities of the Flemish Region. In collaboration with Bebat, Fluvius is working on the 'Easybat' project. Easybat digitally registers relevant actions in the life cycle of home batteries and makes data accessible in a smart and transparent way. They rely on blockchain and SSI technology to build the application. During the breakfast session, the BLING pilot by the City of Ghent was also discussed. Which investigates the roles blockchain and SSI can play in optimizing public services such as the application for a Ghent Energy Loan. The session ended with an inspiring panel debate about innovative technologies and energy transition between all the parties mentioned above.