Skåne and Copenhagen Business School join forces in researching blockchain for the ‘common’

03 November 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
On 12 and 13 October, the County Administrative Board of Skåne and the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) met in Copenhagen to plan the joint efforts in the BLING project.

CBS will engage a number of students to investigate how to connect blockchain with economics-Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom's theories on economic organization with a focus on communities and the commitment of citizens. In her research, Ostrom applied rational choice theory and insights from development economics to ecological preservation. Her research was focused on the commons. The commons are those things that we all own together, that are neither privately owned, nor managed by the government on our behalf.

The CBS students will study blockchain from a “commons-perspective” in two urban planning projects in Skåne county; Selleberga in Bjuv municipality and the R.ecovillage in Röstånga.