Roeselare’s blockchain leisure pass

20 March 2023 - Published by Evite van Winkoop

The city of Roeselare in Belgium has been exploring how blockchain can make their local government processes more efficient. Through workshops and deep dives in the past months they are evaluating in which ways blockchain can be of added value for public service delivery. Through a review of the process catalogue, one of the processes which could be optimized by the use of blockchain was the leisure pass (“vrijetijdspas”). This pass provides a discount for leisure activities for people with a limited income. Next, the leisure activities providers (societies, clubs, theatres, sport activities…) get that discount reimbursed by the City. The process currently includes some vulnerabilities and blockchain could be a way to overcome those.

This is why, together with The Value Hub as part of the Cronos Group, Roeselare is developing a proof of concept of an improved version of the leisure pass with blockchain. On the 31st of January a workshop took place together with the project manager of BLING, the policy officers poverty, different target groups and societies/clubs and the public worker poverty, participated in a workshop about the leisure pass and blockchain facilitated by The Value Hub.

Furthermore, The Value Hub developed a prototype which is currently being tested by the different target groups through interviews. The proof of concept and report is expected by the end of March.