Parkstad Energieknip - Bigger, Better, Faster!

31 October 2022 - Published by Evite van Winkoop

The major increase of energy prices affects many people in The Netherlands. As such, the government is taking various measures to tackle energy poverty. Extra money has been made available to help citizens pay for energy-saving measures, like for example for LED-lights, draft strips or radiator foil. But how can governments make sure all the affected citizens get fast and easy access to this budget? Blockchain Lab Drenthe developed an app for this, the 'Parkstad Energieknip'. This is similar to the BLING project EnergieKnip, which is was developed for the city of Emmen.

With Parkstad EnergieKnip, 6 municipalities distribute 20.000 wallets with 250€ each to families who are in financial trouble due to rising energy prices. Moreover, the money can be spend at local hardware stores, thus stimulating the local economy. The app can also be used to make an appointment with an Energycoach to help the families decrease their energyconsumption. With this app the government has simplified the way citizens get access to subsidies and as such it becomes a lot easier and faster to distribute the 5 milion Euros reserved for the Parkstad region. Parkstad EnergieKnip is another great blockchain use case example which shows how to implement earmarked money through blockchain which can help municipalities allocate subsidies effectively. Click here to find out more.