Paper: Exploring Blockchain Municipal Cases

22 September 2020 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
Livia Norström and Juho Lindman of the University of Gothenburg have investigated how public organizations have piloted blockchain projects within their organizations. These findings have been presented at the American Conference on Information Systems in August 2020 and can be read in their paper on 'Exploring Blockchain Municipal Use Cases'.


Developments in blockchain technology create novel service opportunities for the public sector. However, so far there has been limited empirical investigation on how the public sector takes this emerging technology to use and develop these services. This paper opts for a case study approach of a public organization (municipality). We interviewed key stakeholders to describe how the organization piloted blockchain technology. The results outline perceived benefits and challenges for public organizations when introducing blockchain. We discuss the findings in relation to public sector logics and suggest three dimensions of public sector blockchain engagement. We argue that the three dimensions represent processes of alignment and misalignment in digital transformation.

You can read the paper here