Online Steering Committee meeting BLING was a success

19 May 2020 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
Due to the COVID-19 measures the BLING consortium couldn’t get together in Edinburgh as originally planned. So agenda points were discussed, an agenda made and a Webex meeting planned on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13th of May 2020. We met online on two mornings and that went fairly well with enough mini-coffee breaks in between the presentations and discussions. We were on both mornings present with some 30 participants and everyone was in good spirits. At the end of the second day we even held a workshop on digital innovation. In this article we provide you with an oversight of things discussed.

Pilot progress – some of BLING’s blockchain pilots

BLING’s pilot “Emergency Brake” will started tests in some municipalities this year and other Dutch national institutions handling debts will participate in the pilot. Self Sovereign Identity + Zero Knowledgeundefined Proof is combined in this pilot. This is an exciting pilot since the aim is to improve the situation of citizens in debt.

Howest and the city of Roeselare are working closely together on the realisation of three (!) pilots – a city voucher, a health app and a mobility app, all working with blockchain technology (Hyperledger Fabric).

Antwerp showcased their pilot (together with Digipolis) on building a framework for the Startups procurement process.

The province of Drenthe and the BlockchainLab showed their work on the Attendancy List (see this video!).

And we would like to name here the combined work of Edinburgh University and SEStran on location based smart contracts. GeoPact is a blockchain based system that uses smart lock boxes, Bluetooth beacons and e-scooters to transport people and objects. Special to their approach is the large number of presentations held in which live testing and input from users was key.


Toward measurement of public sector organizational blockchain readiness.

BLING will deliver a readiness assessment tool around blockchain. Due to the COVID-19 situation there have been some delays, but the tool is currently in the testing phase. Aim is to provide an instrument with which organisations can self-test their blockchain readiness. The University of Gothenburg leads on this theme.

Pilot Framework: the academic partners and in particular the Gothenburg University are currently conducting a survey around all BLING pilots, to understand better the domains, the concepts and the problems that pilots try to solve. The partners were shown the first results of this Framework.

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