Magazine: Blockchain and Government in Europe

15 February 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The BLING consortium has published a special magazine for their 2021 Conference which is held at March 3. This magazine brings together interviews from blockchain practitioners, developers, and policy makers from across Europe. In this magazine we identify the key lessons learned so far from officials, policy makers and developers as they enable the adoption of blockchain in government. This learning is complemented by the introduction of 8 use cases from BLING, highlighting how BLING partners are innovating, designing and building blockchain-enabled services.

BLING’s 2021 online conference will provide an opportunity for practitioners and governments to review the state of play for Blockchain in Government. We have contributions from key EU stakeholders and government partners from across Europe.

8 Use cases from 6 countries

These are BLING’s Blockchain in Government Pilots – read the magazine for the full stories.

  1. BRAT – The Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tool  University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  2. GeoPact – Connecting virtual blockchains with real places  University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  3. Using blockchain to manage health certificates  University of Oldenburg, Germany
  4. Healthy on the blockchain City of Roeselare/HOWEST University , Belgium
  5. Using Blockchain in the ‘Smart Procurement Tool’ City of Antwerp/Digipolis Antwerp, Belgium
  6. The financial emergency brake CJIB (Dutch Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau), The Netherlands
  7. Blockchain for maritime ports: How can document handling be improved? Aalborg University, Denmark
  8. Using Self-Sovereign Identity to Record Event Attendance BlockchainLab Drenthe, Netherlands

12 interviews

  1. In the magazine you will find 12 interview with stakeholders, here is the list:
  2. David Magård, Swedish Ministry of Infrastructure
  3. Juho Lindman and Livia Norström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  4. Andreas Hartl, German Federal Ministry for Economic
  5. Dave Murray-Rust, TU Delft, Netherlands
  6. Tom Kettels, Infrachain, Luxemburg
  7. Daniël du Seuil, European Blockchain Partnership, Belgium
  8. Hennie Bulstra, European Blockchain Partnership, Netherlands
  9. Peter Verkoulen, Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Netherlands
  10. Henry Rõigas, Guardchain, Estonia (now working at Sentinel)
  11. Paul Spoelstra and Bram Scholtens, municipality of Groningen, Netherlands
  12. Nena Dokuzov, Slovenian Government

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