Kick-off Healthy on the Blockchain pilot

22 March 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The university of Applied Sciences HOWEST (Belgium) and the municipality of Roeselare (Belgium) have developed the 'Healthy on the blockchain' pilot. On March 9th and March 11th, the kick off took place.

The intention of his blockchain pilot is to stimulate healthy living and active training for employees of the city of Roeselare. Wearables are distributed amongst employees and on an app the progress of the training can be followed/tracked. A personal coach is furthermore available for advise on how to pursue a healthy livestyle. During the pilot the employees and the coaches will test the app.

Healthy on the Blockchain (HoB) offers a preventive health program to organisations, with a user-friendly on-boarding process and a secure connection between trainer and trainee. The data is well protected via blockchain, so that employees do not have to worry that their data will be accessible by the HRM department. This is one of the pillars of this pilot: trust in blockchain, trust in the own data, trust in the own privacy. By using blockchain technology, the data between the client and the coach remains in a loop. The client owns his data and decides himself what to share.

Roeselare will be the first pilot organisation to test this new application. Would you like to read more about this pilot? Check out this use case here.