Howest takes the lead as the first university to offer a bachelor's degree in Web3 Engineering

20 March 2023 - Published by Evite van Winkoop

BLING partner, Howest university of applied sciences, will launch an English-taught bachelor major Web3 Engineer in Bruges, Belgium. The major is the first specialized Web3 bachelor offering in Europe, and focuses on the latest technologies with an emphasis on ownership and trust. 

Students will learn how to develop and secure innovative applications and networks. Among other use Ethereum, Solidity, and Hyperledger Fabric. They will delve into the security of smart contracts and consensus mechanisms on different blockchain networks and learn how to set up and manage decentralized nodes. In addition to the technical aspects, they will also learn how to map and adapt business processes to the innovative concepts of Web3, such as Self-Sovereign Identity and DeFi. 

This course program is part of the bachelor Applied Computer Science in which they'll also get a profound knowledge of software- and web development, databases and server and system administration.

Since 2016 Howest Applied Computer Science is involved in research projects for Blockchain and anchors these in education since 2017. As such, the students will benefit from all lessons learned during the BLING research project.

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