Feedback session on Fit4Work Challenge

28 May 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The city of Roeselare and the University of Howest work together on the Healthy on the Blockchain pilot. The intention of this blockchain pilot is to stimulate healthy living and active training for employees of the city of Roeselare. This is done by using wearables to track progress and based on this, a personal coach is available for advice on how to pursue a healthy livestyle. The pilot is launched and a first feedback session is organized for the Fit4Work Challenge.


On April 15, 2021 Roeselare and Howest organized an evaluation session for the Fit4Work Challenge participants. The participants wanted to know more about what is happening with their data which is used in the app and to provide feedback on the challenge. In this meeting the developer from Howest gave them some insight in data and what data is used in the Fit4Work Challenge. It was a fruitful meeting where blockchain was explained in a non-technical way and where the participants shared their findings. Based on this feedback, the developers will add some new features such as: sedentary reminder (when less than 300 steps are taken, the participant will receive a message), streak to encourage daily exercising and keeping track of statistics. Every two weeks, this evaluation will be continued in order to collect and implement the feedback of the users. This pilot will run until June 13th, but if you would like to know more about the experiences of these users, keep an eye on our website (link) for interviews and vlogs! Would you like to know more about this use case? Check this link.