Expert Session Blockchain with Province of Drenthe and City of Groningen

21 March 2023 - Published by Evite van Winkoop

Back to school! Last week the Province of Drenthe and the City of Groningen organized an inspiring lunch & learn session. Adri Wischmann and Jeroen Wester from Blockchainlab Drenthe took the floor and did their magic. During the session they demonstrated the endless possibilities of blockchain in government. 

Both organizations felt that the interest for blockchain implementation has significantly increased since the beginning of the project. The fact that the BLING project now has a strong showcase with the Energy Wallet, helps a lot in illustrating what blockchain can do. This has proven to be a very important factor that contributed to the success of this meeting. With the Energy Wallet people can now relate to a real use case.

Next steps will be that the different departments of both Groningen municipality and the Province of Drenthe will dive into the topic and see what blockchain can do for their fields. Follow us on LinkedIn for more.