EnergyWallet at FIWARE SUMMIT

27 September 2022 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
On 14-15 September, Blockchainlab Drenthe –representing the City of Emmen in the BLING project- showcased the EnergyWallet use case during the 4th TOKEN Policy Observatory meeting, at the FIWARE Summit 2022 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Summit was visited by an international audience of tech and business people with a special interest in Smart Cities, Industry, Energy, Water, Food. Jeroen Wester from Blockchainlab Drenthe - presented a list of lessons learned from the EnergyWallet project in Emmen. After which the panel discussion explored the shared insights of four TOKEN use cases and the EnergyWallet. The common feeling was that most use cases are very much aware of their user and governmental context. Panelists for example reported the extensive efforts involved in explaining and convincing cities to rely on blockchain technology for a use case. EnergyWallet received positive feedback on its level of completeness: in relatively short time the project came from idea to execution.

BLING has teamed up with the TOKEN project before, both are frontrunners on developing and using blockchain for local and regional government deployment and frequently exchange lessons learned and experiences.