Academic BLING partners are developing a framework to assess blockchain pilots

31 January 2020 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
How do you measure the success of a blockchain experiment? And how can you compare it to pilots that have been done in different places? In order to capture the learning processess that happen on many places, the academic partners of the BLING consortium are developing a framework to assess pilots and projects that are related to blockchain.

On the 29th of January, the academic partners of the BLING consortium met in Bruges. They came together to work on a framework to help assess blockchain pilots and projects. Where the BRAT tooling looks at organisational aspects, the Pilot Framework is about analyzing pilots and projects. The most important goal of the framework is to capture the learning processes that happen everyway and to disseminate it.

The goal is to work on an integrated approach to assess use cases, to capture and share lessons and measure the results of pilots. This will help to better compare and assess the different pilots that are being done. It will be the basis for the evaluation of the pilots done by the BLING partners. . It will be transferable for non-BLING partners as well. In the following weeks, the academic partners will further develop the framework. The result will be discussed in May in Edinburgh, when the BLING partners meet as Steering Committee.


We will share the framework on the website when it is finished.