Deep dives to explore blockchain potential for local government

01 July 2022 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The city of Roeselare in Belgium is exploring how blockchain can make local government processes more efficient. Through workshops and deep dives in the past months they are evaluating in which ways blockchain can be of added value for public service delivery.

Over the last few months the municipality of Roeselare explored the possible uses of blockchain in different city processes. The team initially identified 40 processes and discussed for each process:

  • what the most important challenges are;
  • the number of parties involved;
  • integrity, veracity, duplication and reputational risk;
  • and scalability.

As a result the process of personnel competence management and permits for the public domain were selected to further explore whether blockchain could be of added value. The next step was meeting with the different process owners and dive deeper into the process itself. The processes were evaluated from the beginning till the end, as well as all the steps in between. The main focus then were the ineffective elements and discussing how blockchain can offer a solution in making these more efficient.


Now the team will assess where potential possibilities lie for blockchain or other decentralised technologies. The first conclusion of these deep dive workshops is that blockchain can be a solution for a variety of problems but not for all of them. Stay tuned for more, the report will be delivered in July 2022.