City of Ghent & blockchain for the Energy Loan

18 March 2022 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The city of Ghent joined the BLING consortium in 2021. Together with HOWEST University of Applied Sciences they teamed up to work on the Energy Loan.

Using blockchain technology, the City of Ghent and Howest want to drastically reduce the duration of the application procedure for the Ghent energy loan. Ghent is doing this by creating a decentralised system where data can be exchanged quickly. In the current process, a lot of communication is required between the applicant and the energy consultant for the gathering of all the necessary documents. In addition, each document must be analysed by the energy consultant, which results in a time-consuming procedure.

With this project, Ghent focusses on helping both the energy consultant and the applicant. In addition, Ghent also investigate the aspect of "self-sovereign identity", where the applicant can choose which data may be shared and with whom. In a later phase, Ghent and HOWEST will look at the added value of blockchain technology for other services and processes within the city of Ghent.