Building BLING: the local stakeholder group Skåne

15 July 2019 - Published by Nephtis Brandsmaa
Building BLING: the local stakeholder group Skåne recently met. Read more about their findings and progress.

In the BLING project we work on building local networks that can strengthen and learn from each other. Recently one of the first local stakeholder groups was organized in Skåne, Sweden. In these kinds of meetings, partners try to identify the different activities and partners in the region and possibilities for cooperation. Here we share the approach by the local stakeholdergroup in Skåne, Sweden.

What is a local stakeholdergroup?
Whithin EU-projects, several partners work together on a particular goal or theme. These partners can be (local/regional) governments, universities and sometimes small enterprises. In these European projects, local stakeholdergroups are important for building knowledge and sharing experiences.

In this case, the local stakeholdergroup (LSG) is very important for running sub-projects and pilots in the future. This local stakeholdergroup (LSG) in Skåne will meet regularly and have forward-looking method and policy discussions. We expect that the LSG will meet 3-4 times a year. So far, the group consists of four members; one each from the public sector, private sector, NGO and academy (Copenhagen Business School). The LSG is currently working on finding more persons and competences that can be included in the group.

Findings so far
The local stakeholdergroup discussed the differences in regions when it comes to activity concerning blockchain. In the Skåne area, Lund University and Malmö University have some activities, mostly focussed on creating economic value. There are some consulting companies in Skåne who work with the subject, but then mainly from the perspective of technological development.

In contrast, in the region surrounding Copenhagen there is a lot of (mature) activity around blockchain. As the Öresund region is an integrated region with well-developed collaborations, the Skåne LSG will try to establish contacts there as well.

What are they going to do?
Projectpartner Skåne hopes to develop several reports about blockchain. One on the theme "The EU legislation and the blockchain - what we can do and what we can do" and one on the theme "Blockchain - obstacles or opportunities for democracy development". This was discussed between the partners in the LSG. We hope to share more news about this in september.

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In the picture, from left to right: 

  • Leif Wennerberg, CEO at the consultancy agency Kreativ4you in Hyllinge
  • Thomas Arnström, project manager at the rural NGO Röstånga Tillsammans in Röstånga
  • Leif Bloch Rasmussen, assistant professor at The Department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School
  • Jörgen Dehlin, project curator at the County Administrative Board of Skåne In Malmö