Blockchain maturity in Roeselare (Belgium)

18 March 2022 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
On March 8, 2022 the BLING partners of the city of Roeselare and the University of Gothenburg held a BRAT workshop. BRAT stands for Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tool and is a method developed by the University of Gothenburg to assess to what extent organisations are ready and able to implement blockchain pilots in their organisations. BRAT is developed with the help of the BLING project.


Via a pre survey, employees of the city of Roeselare could give their initial answers/thoughts on several questions on blockchain maturity. This was analysed by the University of Gothenburg. During the workshop on March 8th, the answers of the different participants where discussed in more detail. After the discussions it was possible to alter the score on blockchain readiness by a mutual consensus from the participants.

Conclusion about the workshop was that Roeselare underestimated herself with regard to the readiness for blockchain technology. A lot of progress has already been made and some attention points were discussed. The discussion led to more awareness from the group on digital maturity. The workshop was not the end, but a starting point for further discussion and actions.

Read more about BRAT here.