Blockchain challenges in Flanders & Europe

24 December 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
Last week on December 17th 2019 Howest University of Applied Sciences in Belgium held a Grand Finale of the end of their First Blockchain Lab period for 2019. This conference was held near Brussels, speakers from across Europe highlighted the development of blockchain in public service delivery. The conference was attended by 50 people from Belgium and The Netherlands.

Blockchain Lab Howest University

Kurt Callewaert, head of blockchain research for Howest, opened the conference and introduced the programme for the day. The idea is to highlight developments in Europe, to zoom in on Flanders and to see what goes on in the vibrant digital economy of Estonia.


Key note speakers

Key note speakers were Pierre Marro, of the European Commission, Daniël Du Seuil, of the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and Anna-Maria Osula, Senior Policy Officer from Guardtime, Estonia.

Flanders, cities & blockchain use cases

Furthermore Astrid Stroobandt, project manager blockchain for Howest and Benjamin Verhaegen, Blockchain developer for Howest presented their work on mobility and blockchain. Kimberley Van Luchem, project manager from Roeselare (Belgium) and Joris Moorthamers, project manager innovation at Antwerp (Belgium) highlighted work done in their respective cities.

Eco system in Flanders

The Flanders eco-system on blockchain was furthermore shown by Koen Vingerhoets and Ronny Neckebroeck from the “The Studio Belfius” company and by Sabrina Poelvoorde & Torsten Buse, from “Trust&Chain” company.


All presentations are to be found here: