BLING Steering Committee – a fruitful partner meeting

03 December 2020 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
There was a lot to discuss during BLING’s partner meeting in November. Next to the fact that it was nice to see everyone - just on the screen that is :) – it was also nice to see the pilots developing, and to see everyone interacting and chatting!

Pilots – pilots- pilots

All BLING partners presented the progress on their pilots. The BLING partners are primarily focusing on the use of blockchain for public services. Here is a short overview of the topics:

  • CJIB – working hard on prototyping a service to tackle poverty for Dutch citizens (‘The Emergency Brake’) – with the use of Zero Knowledge proof
  • Oldenburg University – will deliver the first tests in the first half of 2021 with a health certificate app.
  • Blockchain Lab Drenthe – is developing an ‘Attendancy App’ – which looks very promising, see this video or read more about this here. Furthermore the first steps for a voting app are taken.
  • Antwerp municipality delivered a smart procurement solution which is up and running.
  • Roeselare municipality and HOWEST University of Applied Sciences will start their 3 month pilot in March 2021 called “healthy on the blockchain’.
  • Sestran and Edinburgh University gave an overview of all Geopact demonstrations. Geopact is a system with smart lockboxes which move objects around. Read more about this here.

A Hackathon! And how about some 3D?

Other topics we discussed were the planning of a BLING hackathon in autumn 2021. Here we will work on BLING challenges and see if we can transform the challenges into working solutions. Hackathons are events in which community members collaborate to solve problems. They assume many different forms, but most are designed to bring researchers or coders from various career stages and backgrounds together to create shareable solutions to problems of common interest. Hackathons can span one or multiple days.

Groningen municipality explained their project on 3D city planning. Can blockchain be of help here? That is the question to the partnership, as we are now exploring.

A pity we couldn’t meet in person, however as virtual meetings go it was a good one!


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