BLING project got extended

06 July 2021 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The BLING project was extended until 2023, adding not only more time to develop new blockchain based services but also welcoming a new partner to the consortium: the city of Gent in Belgium. This will extend the BLING consortium to 14 partners from 6 countries working together under the Interreg North Sea Region Programme.

In the context of Interreg extension call 12, the BLING project partners decided to apply for a possible extension. The goal of the extension is to, on the one hand, mature and develop already created BLING applications and pilots, while, on the other hand, create new pilots and research blockchain in the public sector even more. In June, the extension was granted and BLING got a additional time to work on its pilots, while also being able to welcome a new project partner from Belgium, the city of Gent.

Gent is a university town in the northwest of Belgium. They aim to introduce automatization into its energy loan system by using blockchain. This will not only increase the understanding and use of the technology, but also gain insights in the framework (juridical, financial, organisation) for implementing and change processes. Moreover, the insights in this pilot will help  the City of Gent to further elaborate the organisation of the energy loan, by e.g. changing and optimising internal processes. The pilot will run under the name ‘Energy loan on the blockchain ’ and is developed as a cooperation between the City of Gent and the BLING partner HOWEST.

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