3th Steering Committee Meeting Oldenburg (Germany) for BLING consortium

29 October 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
In november the BLING partnership will meet again for a Steering Committee meeting in Oldenburg, Germany.

On november 4, 5 and 6, the BLING partnership will meet in the beautiful city of Oldenburg. The Carl von Ossietzky Universiät in Oldenburg has graciously offered to host the event.

Technical sessions
The partners will come together for a wide range of technical sessions: what are the developments around blockchain and what are possible use cases? Currently, research is being done on why 80% of all blockchainprojects have failed so far. We can use the learnings that come out of this research. Developers from Belgium and the Netherlands share knowledge on technical developments that blockchaintechnologies are going through and what that means for the possible applications for government use cases.

Partner presentations & sharing experiences
Apart from deepening our technical understanding, the partnership will also share the lessons learned so far. The partners will update their recent learnings and activities through partnerpresentations. We will take a better look at the BRAT tooling, this is the Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tooling (BRAT) which the BLING knowledge partners are developing. Several partners will highlight their Blockchain Lab approaches. An important topic futhermore is the development and possible application of blockchaintechnology for government purposes.

We look forward to this event and will share our findings through this website.