BLING kicked-off!

21 February 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
On the 7th and 8th of February 2019, Zwolle (NL) was the place to be for our partnership. Two days of getting acquainted with the consortium in interactive sessions, created the stage for exchanging blockchain-enabled services for governmental organizations.

undefinedThe two-day kick-off meeting started off with a very important question: what is Blockchain? Juho Lindman, director of the Blockchain Lab at the Götenborg University introduced us in the world of Ethereum, decentralized peer to peer networks and immutable shared ledgers. We dove into the current state of play for the Blockchain technology by also focusing on what the possible implementations could be for public organisations. This set the stage for the various pilots of the partner projects. Each partner presented their ongoing or future blockchain-enabling use cases, ranging from identity-applications for municipalities, the monitoring of employers’ health for organisations or the exchange of energy for households. It was very interesting to see all the different ideas on how blockchain-enabling technologies could be of added value for ongoing processes. However, these various ideas will need to be structured in order to facilitate learning from each other and exchanging applications. A design session to plot the partner pilots against the structure of the BLING project created a first step in planning the upcoming three years to work on blockchain-enabled services.

A special thanks to Isabella Leong and Anne Pintz of the Joint Secretariat of INTERREG North Sea Region to help us with the management and organization of the BLING project. Their presentations on the communications and finances were of great help to place our BLING pilots within the greater EU perspective.undefined

With great enthusiasm the partners of the BLING project are looking forward starting EXPLORING the possibilities of Blockchain, ENABLING Blockchain-based technologies and DELIVERING better Blockchain-enabled support for our customers. Check this website to see our process!