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Collider Event Edinburgh on March 18 2020

14 February 2020

A Collider is a conceptual design event, bringing together computational thinking and design thinking, to pull informaticians together with designers and problem holders. At the start of this Collide…

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Berlin: bringing together blockchain ecosystems

31 January 2020

On the 29th of January the event ‘Blockchain = Collaboration’ was organised in Berlin. The event was about collaboration, and particularly the collaboration between the German and the Dutch blockchain…

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Academic BLING partners are developing a framework to assess blockchain pilots

31 January 2020

How do you measure the success of a blockchain experiment? And how can you compare it to pilots that have been done in different places? In order to capture the learning processess that happen on many…

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Are organisations ready for blockchain? The development of the Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tool

31 January 2020

How do you find out if your organisation is ready for blockchain? And what would be necessary in your organisation to implement a blockchain based application? To help answer these kinds of questions,…

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Odyssey Hackathon 3 - 5 april 2020 Groningen, the Netherlands

17 January 2020

Join us in one of the biggest blockchain events worldwide: Odyssey. The Odyssey Hackathon is held annually in Groningen, the Netherlands and provides a new space where everyone (and everything) can be…

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Blockchain challenges in Flanders & Europe

24 December 2019

Last week on December 17th 2019 Howest University of Applied Sciences in Belgium held a Grand Finale of the end of their First Blockchain Lab period for 2019. This conference was held near Brussels,…

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Reporting back from CordaCon

16 December 2019

On october two BLING partners attended CordaCon, one of the biggest blockchainconferences in the world. Some insights and lessons are shared here.

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3th Steering Committee Meeting Oldenburg (Germany) for BLING consortium

29 October 2019

In november the BLING partnership will meet again for a Steering Committee meeting in Oldenburg, Germany.

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BLING on blockchain with Let's Gro in Groningen!

09 October 2019

The end of October and the beginning of November, Groningen will be buzzing with the Let´s Gro knowledge festival. On the 31st of October, the BLING project will be part of this! A unique opportunity…

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BLING kicked-off!

21 February 2019

On the 7th and 8th of February 2019, Zwolle (NL) was the place to be for our partnership. Two days of getting acquainted with the consortium in interactive sessions, created the stage for exchanging b…

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