Finished: 26 April 2022 conference Making Blockchain happen in the public sector

Venue: Online
Though decentralized by nature, Blockchain is increasingly implemented in the centralized environment of the public sector. But while Blockchain is one of the most discussed tech topics, examples of operational use case cases remain rare.

This conference on 26th of April provides valuable insights into operational Blockchain implementations in the public sector. You will learn:

  • how Blockchain can improve the provisions of public services, strengthen democracy, provide value for citizens and the private sector
  • how to tackle technical challenges in Blockchain
  • the latest findings and guidelines for political decision makers when starting a Blockchain project

The BLING and TOKEN projects team up to share their experience on how to make Blockchain happen in the public sector.

The first part of the conference is split into two tracks.

Track 1 is particularly aimed at policymakers in the public sector. You will discover Blockchain use cases implemented in The Netherlands, Greece and Spain.

Track 2 targets technical experts: you will get an opportunity to learn more on the tools and technologies available for your project.

The second part of the conference addresses decision makers at political level and senior political advisors.

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