BLING Publications

Lessons learned, reports and other publications by the BLING partnership.

For more information check out The Blockchain Book. This book is a collection of key learning from all the BLING use-cases focused on blockchain implementation in local and regional governments.


The financial emergency brake

University of Edinburgh

GeoPact: Engaging Publics in Location-aware Smart Contracts through Technological Assemblies

Enacting the Last Mile: Experiences of Smart Contracts in Courier Deliveries

County Administrative Board of Skåne

The EU Legislation and Blockchain

Blockchain - Obstacles and Opportunities for Democracy Development

The Blockchain Technology's Applicability - A research project within governments and sustainability

IP-report regarding electronic voting based on blockchain

Can democracy become digital?

University of Gothenburg

Exploring Blockchain Municipal Use Cases

BLING consortium

Magazine Blockchain and Government in Europe

Master Thesis Josey Ongsiek: Blockchain in Government: An Analysis of Blockchain Implementation Challenges in the Context of European Blockchain Pilots

The key challenges of blockchain implementation in maritime - Sergey Tsiulin, Kristian Hegner Reinau, Olli-Pekka Hilmola (Aalborg University, Denmark)

You can find the book here