South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran)

SEStran is a Regional Transport Partnership (RTP) comprised of eight local councils in South East Scotland. SEStran is able to work at a regional level, facilitating involvement from port operators and technical stakeholders. We have technical competence to develop and pilot solutions to address localized congestion issues. SEStran is currently engaged in promoting sustainable transport. We have prepared a strategy which seeks to develop a comprehensive, sustainable transportation system for the region.

SEStran’s Regional Transport Strategy is concerned with sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. SEStran is interested in looking at the potential of blockchain in the logistics space: we see the challenge to understand and manage the (open) sharing of freight information (flows, amounts, value) and to enable SMEs to improve their logistics management (and costs) whilst reducing the amount of light goods vehicles on the roads as key to the development of the next stage of our transport strategy. We will be working with a local authority partner and with Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh to develop this pilot.

SEStran will be mostly working on delivering Blockchain – developing and implementing a trial pilot in government /delivery. SEStran and the University of Edinburgh will explore a BC based location system, with a focus on transport. Sestran will act as co-beneficiary partner for the University of Edinburgh's College of Art department. They are a small partner in this project who will work for SEStran in design informatics.


South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran)
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