Province of Drenthe

The province of Drenthe is a regional authority dealing with social-economic development, water management, spatial planning, social planning & cultural issues. As formulated in our RIS3, our aim is to develop the region into one that, in the Europe of 2020, will maximize social and economic benefits by utilizing technological advances and cutting-edge research. We do this by leveraging the Province’s innovative businesses/knowledge institutes/public authorities, and by working with both the public and with service users.

Public authorities like Drenthe need to continually adapt and to work with SMEs, other public authorities, scientific institutes, and citizens to realise opportunities for creating smarter services and an innovative business environment. Transnational cooperation boosts the innovative capacity of regional SMEs, as will the development of a better digital innovation culture, better cooperation in regional partnerships and access to transnational networks.

Drenthe will deliver a pilot that leverages blockchain technologies as part of a solution that provides a new system to administer the Province’s Waste Management programme and reduces fraud and the need for inspections. Drenthe will create a Blockchain Lab that will support the blockchain ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands, bringing together commercial and non-commercial networks and organising regular meetups.


Provincie Drenthe
postbus 122
9400 AC Assen
The Netherlands