Oldenburg University (UOL)

UOL University brings in competencies in the fields of data analysis, data processing, blockchain technology. The VLBA (Very Large Business Applications Department) also engages in a wide scope of management information systems. UOL has the competence to realize technical parts of blockchain-based solutions. We are very well connected with regional companies e.g. the local water utility, energy utilities, software companies as well as ecommerce companies.

Through participation in the BLING project UOL will build additional capacity in blockchain technology research. The UOL will cooperate with other data & blockchain experts to enlarge its standing knowledge and comprehension of the applicability of blockchain technology to public sector related services.

The University of Oldenburg takes on the role of the research partner, identifying potentials, developing technological solutions and making the collected knowledge available for stakeholders. UOL will research heterogenous blockchain technology approaches to assess the applicability for governance processes. Besides, it will develop use cases for the application of BC in governance as well as support the implementation of a local blockchain lab. And last, UOL will develop a pilot based on findings from the cooperation with the City of Oldenburg.

Carl von Ossietzky Universitaet Oldenburg
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