Municipality of Groningen

Groningen is at the forefront of open data, innovation and the digital delivery of services. The city is an innovation centre, and runner up in the 2014 European Smart Cities Competition. Groningen has a very active ICT- economy, with many start-ups, and Groningen’s ICT companies are among the leading blockchain- pioneers in the Netherlands (Europe’s largest blockchain hackathon was held here in 2018). Groningen has a healthy blockchain eco-system for Bling to build upon.

Groningen seeks to learn what the potential impact of blockchain technology will be for the organization, its citizens, and SMEs. Groningen wants to be a leader in adapting and changing approaches to service delivery, in order to provide the best possible services for itself and our regional partners. We expect that BLING will provide us with the knowledge, the networks and the experiences to deliver blockchain-enabled services and to deploy innovative new services that leverage this technology.

Groningen is co-initiator of this project and acts as Lead Beneficiary. Groningen implemented a blockchain-enabled service in 2016, and is one of the few local governments in the Netherlands which has experience developing and deploying blockchain-enabled services. Our ambition is to stay at the forefront of this development in the Northern Netherlands, and to use the BLING project to create the right enabling environment in the NSR.



Gemeente Groningen

Postbus 30026
9700 RM Groningen
The Netherlands