Municipality of Emmen

Emmen municipality is responsible for social services, voting and many other matters. Emmen wants to provide modern, easily accessible services, responding to citizens’ requests. Trust in government and local democracy are important areas; in 2016, Emmen ran several projects that resulted in a proof of concept for voting in general elections, which could possibly also be used for opinion gathering on local issues. Within BLING we will expand the use of the blockchain based voting app.

Our proof of concept has been developed and peer-checked, but to develop it further and to integrate it in our processes we require feedback, support and co-development from all around the North Sea Region. By participating in BLING we can realize the next phase of the Stem app and share lessons from the development of blockchain technology and of the performance of blockchain with real end users. Furthermore, BLING creates opportunities for dissemination of what we’ve learned outside immediate network of direct project partners.

The local authority of Emmen wants to promote the uptake of blockchain and is very interested in platform development. We will appoint a technology evangelist who is ready to explain the possibilities of blockchain technology, and to respond to feedback from both project partners and potential users.


Gemeente Emmen
Raadhuisplein 1
7800 RA Emmen
The Netherlands