Howest University of Applied Science

The security and privacy research group belongs to the applied computer science department at the Howest, University college West Flanders has a long history of knowledge collaboration with large international corporations and local SMEs. This young and dynamic research group is active in four domains, namely cybersecurity, blockchain, innovative web platforms and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to current and previous research projects and collaborations with companies and institutions inside and outside Flanders, the security and privacy research group has established a wide international network of professionals, institutions and enterprises. This network is called upon for the dissemination of the research results and these partners offer us the opportunity for evaluating the cases developed during our research in real world settings.

Our role is to explore through 3 or 4 pilots (initially with Roeselare, and then with other partners) how blockchain technologies can be used by local government. We can define the functional and technical analysis of the pilots and develop the POC’s. We can transfer the competences to the other members by organizing workshops and training.


Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen
Marksesteenweg 58
8500 Kortrijk